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DivX ;-) MPEG4 Hi-Res Video Codec
3.11alpha release - http://divx.ctw.cc

What's new in 3.11alpha :
- Only fixes the CPU slider issue in the Direct Show decoder...
thank to Maniakzi for this...

What's new in 3.1alpha :
- Now comes with a hacked version of M$ WMA audio codec
What's NOT new in 3.1alpha :
- Nothing changes in the video codecs and filters

Why alpha stage ?
Because the WMA audio crack is far from perfect (max 16bit/44KHz @ 64Kbit/s) and
the WMA direct show decoder have not been cracked yet...
I need Help for This... Please post at Oleg's forum...

The MP3 audio track encoded with older version of DivX ;-) is, for sure, playable
with this and newer version of DivX ;-) ...

Files in archive:


DivXc32.dll Video Codec Version (Low-Motion codec)
DivXc32f.dll Video Codec Version (Fast-Motion codec)
DivX_c32.ax Direct Show Decoder Version (Hi Quality decoder)
DivXa32.acm Audio Codec Version (Better than MP3 audio)
L3codeca.acm Fraunhofer-IIS MP3 Radium's audio codec Version


DivX.inf Install script
Register_DivX.exe Auto-install the script (for lazzy guys !)


DivX MPEG4 Video
Codec.txt This text
DivX Site.url Link to the internet site
SetStereo.exe Radium's MP3 codec stereo mode changer
Stereo.txt Help about SetStereo.exe

Install 9x & NT

Right click on DIVX.inf and select install in the pop-up menu
Double click on Register_DivX.exe

This Codec provide full motion, high resolution, high quality video at low bitrate !
You kidding ? No !

Try to play with the DivX ;-) filter settings ! Right click on the Video in Windows Media
Player select Advanced -> properties -> DivX ;-) MPEG-4 Video Codec. You can change
various video settings and improve the visual qualilty by moving the CPU slider.

This is a Hack of selected version of the M$ MPEG4 codec
FOURCC and CLSid code have been hacked so you can make ALWAYS WORKING AVIs
it can coexist with retail version of the media encoder tools
and newers or hacked version of M$ MPEG4 codec.

1-2-3 How-to

tools needed:

DeCSS/DODSRipper ( http://remco.xgov.net/dvd )
VirtualDub ( http://www.geocities.com/virtualdub )
FlasKMPEG ( http://go.to/flaskmpeg )
DVD2MPEG Squeezer ( h...

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