Vocabulary Since 1999/2/20 Written by Baker A Bedl

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Vocabulary Since 1999/2/20 Written by Baker A Bedlamite.

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Vocabulary Fundamental 1000

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Vocabulary 5000

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Vocabulary 10000

Lesson 1

A monument was built to commemorate the victory.
The children huddled together for warmth.
Censure is sometimes harder to bear than punishment.
The new vaccine eradicated all traces of the disease within three months.
The barbarians defiled the church by using it as a stable.
The pregnant woman has an enlarged abdomen.
The lost hikers were bereft of hope when the rescue plane did not see them.
The children were bereaved by the death of their parents.
This battlefield is consecrated to the memory of the soldiers who died
A good joke does not necessarily evoke a hearty laugh.
Wheels left grooves in a muddy dirt road.
The old car jolted its passengers badly as it went over the rough road.
Bowing to greet a lady is now an obsolete custom.
Many wild animals prowl at night looking for something to eat.
The children scooped holes in the sand.
Diplomats are interested in the status of world affairs.
The farmer sued the railroad station because his cow was killed by the
The counter of the sink has many grooves along which the water will run
The cat prowled around the cellar looking for mice.
We all sympathized with the husband who was bereaved of his beloved wife.
Her singing evoked admiration from the public.
We still use this machine though it is obsolete.
The bandit in a typical Western movie rides a horse and goes armed. either
alone or in a group.
Christmas commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ.
The children's muddy shoes defiled all the rugs in the hotel.
Running in the hall is a deviation from the school rules and will not be
She could bear the disappointments of other people with tolerable
The little girl was inconsolable at the loss of her kitten.
Aren't you hungry? You are only nibbling your food.
The coronation of the new king was a splendid pageant.
After the scourge of flood usually comes the scourge of disease.
The crippled child tumbled down the stairs and was badly hurt.
The iron...

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