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And the Home of the Greedy

As Matthew J. Bruccoli noted: An essential aspect of the American-ness and the historicity of The Great Gatsby is that it is about money. The Land of Opportunity promised the chance for financial success. (p. xi) The Great Gatsby is indeed about money, but it also explores its aftermath of greed. Fitzgerald detailed the corruption, deceit and illegality of life that soon pursued the dream. However, Fitzgerald entitles the reader to the freedom to decide whether or not the dream was ever free of corruption.
Fitzgerald used several patterns to develop the theme surrounding the lost dream. One such pattern included the emergence corruption in relation to honesty. We first witness the symbolic aspects of this when we meet Jordan Baker. We learn through Nick that she is a golfer and he further indulges that at her first big golf tournament there was a row that nearly reached the newspapers-a suggestion that she had moved her ball from a bad lie in the semi-final round.(p. 62) Golf is universally known as the game a truth, a game in which the players record their own performances and are trusted. Through this example we can interpret that all honesty has been destroyed, and cheating is now abundant. Also, it is learned that Americas pastime, baseball, was also corrupted. Meyer Wolfshiem? Hes the man who fixed the Worlds Series back in 1919. (p. 78) This is significant because a game that was created in America, the land of the honest and the free where the dream first came alive has been tainted. This notion suggests that even the simplest of realities and recreations have long lost their innocence. Fitzgerald even implies that those who serve and pro...