Great Gatsby

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Great Gatsby

"Gatsby was a good man" referred Nick "It was society that destroyed him. Gatsby was a mysterious man. A hopeless romantic that had a "American Dream", but never achieved it.

Mrs. McKee said "Gatsby is the cousin or nephew of the Kaiser Wilhelm the emperor of Germany.

The rumor spread that Gatsby killed a man. Nick did not know Gatsby at this time until the party. Nick meets Gatsby. Nick thought Jay was polite. Jay Gatsby doesn't like to have fun or like his own parties. Nick feels sorry for Gatsby and thinks that he is lonely. Jorden goes into Gatsbys study, sees the books and thinks that he is a fake, but the books are real.

Jorden and Daisy are really good friends. Now, no one knows who Gatsby is. He is a big mystery.

Gatsby picks up nick and tells him that he went to Oxford and the military. He also showed his medal. Gatsby introduces Nick to Wolveshiem. Nick wonders about Gatsby. Gatsby want to set up a meeting between Daisy and Nick, then he will drop by. Then Jay can meet Daisy. He meets Tom at the restaurant where Nick and Jay are at. He is nervous and afraid to meet Daisy.

Gatsby went to the arranged meeting between Nick and Daisy. Now his dream is complete. He is very nervous but really excited. He tries to impress Daisy with his material things. Daisy really doesn't care. Jay is blind sighted.

Gatsby tells his real story. Jay was born in North Dakota. His real name is James Gatz. When he was...