Native Son and Black Boy

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Native Son and Black Boy

Native Son & Black Boy
1.The point of view of this novel would be third-person narrator, which is neither objective or omnicent; just all knowing. Throughout the novel the narrator sees through the eyes of bigger which in turn helps get a really good picture and description of the way the black community is. Due to this the white people are kind of poorly described because it is described as Bigger Thomas would describe the white folk. The narrator is always telling and aware of Biggers thought feelings, all emotions and what he's thinking of doing. And showing Biggers point of view allows you (the reader) to feel what he is feeling and feel sorry for him and reason with him. Through the novel you can really get an idea of how he goes from feeling weak and angry in the beginning to powerful yet sad in the end.

2.Bigger is shown to us at the beginning of the book as a young black boy wanting so badly to be able to everything a white person could do. It is shown to us that bigger keeps all his fear and hate and emotions bottled up inside of himself, especially with whites because of the way that they make him feel. I believe it to be though that Bigger does the most significant change in his character when he kills the young white girl Mary and gets sent to jail. With Mary he was able to let his feelings out after he had seen what happened, what he'd done. All the hate he could see that in a way he was like the white people, they're both full of hate and vengeance. The most significant change that effected the story is when all of this made bigger feel powerful and stronger so he felt better but everything just made him more angry and worse.

3.A narrative technique that I believe is important to this novel is the way the author describes everything from Biggers point of view, yet is still able to make you see it separate from him as the third person. He is really able to get into detail about how he lives ad how the people around him live and feel while still just seeing through the eyes of that character. Yes, seeing through the eyes of him and not being is done very well. Especially during the time that he spends in jail for the charge of murdering the "poor white girl" Mary. And showing the minor themes of men and women with Bigger's affair with Bessie and how its is affected by the difficult conditions they have to live in.

4.A recurring image pattern that was used in this story that I noticed is th...