serial killers

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serial killers

"Night Stalker" Richard
Ramirez: From the Bowels of

by Joseph Geringer

Crescendo of Terror

Late in the 20th Century, Hell glutted on humanity. Its first
bloodletting of that season of the Devil occurred on the warm
evening of June 28, 1984, when an earth-bound Lucifer found his
way into the small Glassel Park apartment of 79-year-old Jennie
Vincow. Throughout the Los Angeles area a damp humidity had
oppressed the air that day, and when the evening came and the
temperature slightly cooled, Jennie left her window open to invite
what little breeze there might be into her flat. Like a fallen leaf,
decayed and tossed from its source, a fallen angel, dark, angry and
also decaying, blew across the sill of that open window. When the
demon departed through that same window, he left behind Jennie
Vincow, raped, beaten and nearly decapitated.

"Her body was found by her son, who lived above her ground-floor
apartment, just south of...Forest Lawn Park," reports the Los
Angeles Times. "Her throat had been slashed and she had been
stabbed repeatedly."

The police were baffled. But, in the months to come, they were to
encounter a madman whose lust for killing and depravity equaled, if
not surpassed, that of Jack the Ripper or, more contemporary, the
Hillside Strangler. Soon to be named the "Night Stalker" by the
press, this madman bore, according to true crime author Richard L.
Linedecker, "the horror in his soul of a Stephen King or a Clive
Barker fright novel and more." A Freddy Kruger. For real.

Less than a year later, the monster reappeared. This time, he waited
in the shadows of an upscale condominium outside LA. The date
was March 17, 1985, time 11:30 p.m., when pretty-faced Maria
Hernandez pulled her auto into the security garage, unaware the
monster was w...